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Helping you & your family get the results you deserve. If you face DUI or criminal charges in Pennsylvania, you may feel overwhelmed, confused or even frightened by the possibility of losing your freedom, your job or driver's license or your job. Many good and decent people, hardworking citizens with families and good jobs, make mistakes. Most are over-charged. Others are, quite simply, wrongfully charged with DUI and other crimes. Everyone deserves the best and most aggressive DUI & criminal defense available. You are not alone. Help from an Erie PA Criminal Defense Attorney & DUI Lawyer is a phone call away at (888) 748-9909.

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Welcome. You've come to the right place for answers. Watch our videos, read the articles, and read about cases that we have successfully defended or request our Free PA DUI Books. Or use the toolbar on the top right to search for terms of interest to you. (For example, enter "ARD" if you want to learn about the diversion program available to some first time offenders.) See what others say about us and then call us today at (888) 748-9909

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We do not accept every case. But if you think we might be a good fit, call for an evaluation of your case. All meetings are private and confidential. Our office is conveniently located with free parking. Our friendly staff will welcome your call and schedule a time for you to meet an Erie PA criminal lawyer. Read about what others say about our team. Let our team become your team. Call us today at (888) 748-9909
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