Oppo F11 Mobile Phone Operating Systems

Mobile phones are very undergoing intense development. One could virtually encounter the products like online, banking, credit card operations as well as eCommerce, today through mobile phones. New mobile phones take satisfaction in their innovative mobile operating system program.

The earlier mobile phones have been thought luxurious when they sported music players as well as cameras. But nowadays simple music, as well as camera, are believed to be outdated in a mobile unit. Operating Systems arrived in a huge way for these hand-held devices and altered the entire game.

These units received sleeker and smarter by the morning. High quality digital cameras, Hi speed online, 3G operations and many more different model programs are enabled in modern mobile phones. Developing out of the first Linux as well as the eventually Windows Mobile OS, present day Os’s as Symbian, Android, iOS etc vie with one another in bringing awesome computing power to these minuscule products.

Let us have got a brief appearance at the prevailing Mobile operating systems.

  1. Blackberry OS by RIM

Research In RIM or Motion pioneered the smartphone growth and then produced this Blackberry OS highlighted by effortless UI as well as navigation. Perhaps today this particular rule supreme.

  1. Android OS by Google

Created by a small development company, Google swallowed up this particular business and also had the Android OS that has today turned into an innovative mobile OS that work in oppo f11 pro.

  1. Symbian OS by Symbian Foundation

Symbian today will be the strong competitor to Android along with Apple’s iOS. Symbian is in a consistent practice of development. Symbian OS is very patronized by Nokia, the top mobile handset supplier worldwide.

  1. iOS by Apple

Apple launched a belated entry into the smartphone segment as well as now has scored predominantly with the Apple iPhone of theirs starring Apple’s in-home OS, iOS. Apple will continue to lead this particular smartphone part with far more amazing developments to come.

  1. Windows OS by Microsoft

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